Small Business Workshops

Small Business Workshops  – Open to the Public
Thursday, April 13, 2017

How to Grow Your Small Business, 9am-12pm
This workshop is designed to educate business owners and managers about improving operations. We discuss topics such as employee service before customer service, rewarding employees, marketing, positioning, effective social media, social proof such as testimonials and how to claim your business on apps like Google, Yelp and TripAdvisor.  Register today!

Texas Friendly Hospitality, 1pm-4pm 
The second half of the afternoon is designed for front-line employees of local businesses. We cover Communication, Image, Greetings, Asking, Active Listening, Assisting, Dealing with Upset/Difficult Customers, Lasting Impressions, and Giving a Little Extra.
Other discussions include attitude, best practices, disabled customers, telephone etiquette, and handling complaints properly. Participants will receive a “Texas Friendly” certificate from the State of Texas.  Register today!

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